San Clemente E-Commerce Crash Course

Looking for an alternative to Magento,Squarespace , or Shopify ?

Then why not give Woo-Commerce Plugin with WordPress a shot.  Magento is a very complex E-commerce platform with a lot of customizations. It’s very efficient for managing an E-commerce site with hundreds if not thousands of products. There is a steep learning curve for learning Magento. On the other hand WordPress Woo-Commerce plugin can also handle hundreds or products and WordPress is easier to learn. In Woo-Commerce there are a lot of plugins that can handle shipping, product variation, dropshipping.

And then there is Ecwid and Shopify. As you can see there are many options for creating an E-commerce site. Now here are the details on what I will cover in my 5-hour E-Commerce Crash Course:

Workshop Location: Downtown San Clemente, a Starbucks or any cool wifi location

Workshop Dates:  March 11 -17 ,2020

Workshop Fee: $ 300 for the 5 hour session ( Includes a free demo site )

E-commerce Workshop Topics outlines :

What is E-commerce ?
History of E-commerce – started in the 60s
History of Amazon – Amazon started in 1995
Why you should start an E-Commerce store online :
Startup costs between a brick and mortar store versus an E-commerce store.
Selecting the best E-commerce software for your new online store.
Differences explain between Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, & WordPress Woo-Commerce
How to organize your products for web presentation ?