WordPress Basics for Beginners in Philadelpia

WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners – Great class for bloggers, small business, and non-profits

I will be back visting  Center City teaching WordPress basics and Search Engine Optimization techniques for WordPress. For the absolute beginner you will learn how fast and easy you can build a blog or business website in One Day. For existing WordPress users with  an old non-WP site or just a plain old WordPress site, you will learn how to modify the look of your  current site to a modern and more mobile friendly site.

How to signed up. First fill in the FAQ’s to the link here.

Workshop Dates:  February 4-11, 2020 only. All WP training is one-on-one & by appointment.

Workshop Dates:   $ 250 for a 5-hour Crash Course,  $ 350 for a One Day WP Bootcamp

Workshop Locations : FishtownRittenhouse Square,  University City. I normally meet my students at a Starbucks or Fast Wifi Cafe.  Sometimes in a real office or home office. As long as there are no distractions we can meet at your office. There will be breaks to answer emails or return calls.

What to bring : MAC or PC Laptop, Netbooks,  Sorry no Ipads.

WordPress Topics Covered :
1) Selecting domains and hosting
2) Selecting a hosting plan to parked your WordPress site ? Which hosting plans do I select ?
3) Why WordPress is your front end and Control Panel/ Hosting your back end ?
4) Installing WordPress in your hosting plan ? How its done ?
5) Web software geek talk ? Talk the talk, walk the walk. Learn the language of web development ?
PHP, URL, database, XML file, SQL file, Javascript etc ?
6) Organizing content for your new WordPress site. The importance of planning ?
7) Anatomy of a WordPress site : Header, content, sidebar, footer menu, etc ?
8) Working with the WordPress dashboard. Finding your way around the admin panel.
9) Creating content in WP using posts and pages. The main differences.
10) Organizing your pages and posts using the menu system.
11) The importance of plugins for WordPress & how they are related to widgets.
12) Templates : How to select the right one for your site .

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