Los Angeles 4-hour WordPress Crash Course

Come attend my Half- Day WordPress crash course for bloggers in Koreatown, LA. WordPress is in the top ranking for blogging tools. Got a story to share, a business to promote, or products to sell? Then sign up for my blogging seminar for entrepreneurs, creative artists, and bloggers.

Workshop Dates: Dec. 26,2021- Jan. 18, 2022 I am available to meet in person. I practice safe distancing. Available online anytime
Locations: With Love Market, LA
Workshop Fees: starts at $ 225 per person (4 hours in person ) $ 150 online

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San Francisco WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners

Create a travel or food blog, a business or Ecommerce website with WordPress in One Day – San Francisco

Who will benefit from these WordPress live training :

1) Absolute beginners who are brand new to WordPress and starting from zero knowledge. You can ask me all your WP related questions and quickly learn the basics and more.
2) Entrepreneurs & Startups who want to create & maintain WordPress sites that rank high in search engine. Save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Save your much needed $$$ for your business startup.
3) Businesses with existing WordPress sites. Learn how to add contents, edit pages and posts and create an updated look at your site using premium templates.

Workshop Dates : Dec. 20, 2021 – Jan. 15,2022. Other dates avail. by appointment.
Workshop Location : Nob Hill, Mission District. ..
Workshop Fee : varies from $ 250 per person . $600 – $ 1,000 a day for groups in person training.  I have a 4 -hour WordPress In person training available. Online also available. Please

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WordPress & SEO Techniques Workshop in San Jose for Beginners

This workshop is perfect for those who have an existing WordPress site that needs to be redesigned and optimized and updated. Register for this online WordPress training today.

Workshop Fee: $ 350 for 5 hour One-on-one training with your instructor.
$ 150 for 2 online sessions ( 2 hours each ). $ 50 extra for a WordPress demo site.
Workshop Dates: Aug.15 – Sept. 15,, 2021 One-on-One Session.  Available Online anytime
Location: San Jose, California. We can meet at A quiet wifi cafe near downtown

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WordPress Crash Course in Brooklyn/Manhattan

There is a much better web builder than Squarespace or Wix. WordPress is the best. 74 Million Plus WordPress sites are out there in the world. We are talking about 27.5 % of all websites. WordPress Crash Course in Brooklyn/Manhattan for Startups – Great intro class for beginners. Available online anytime WordPress Crash Course in … Read more

San Diego WordPress Basic for Beginners

Attend my One 1-Day  WordPress Crash Course Online  Build your own site in One Day.

WordPress is in the top ranking for blogging tools. Got a story to share, a business to promote, or products to sell? Then sign up for my blogging seminar for entrepreneurs, creative artists, and bloggers.

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One Day WordPress Crash Course in Albuquerque, New Mexico

One Day WordPress Crash Course in Albuquerque, New Mexico Build your blog or E-commerce website with WordPress in One Day Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico WordPress  fans. I am coming there to teach you WordPress, Blogging, and E-commerce. Dates: Sept. 23 – Oct.5 , 2020 Workshop Fee: $ 350 for full day WP Bootcamp. … Read more

Affiliate Marketing with WordPress – Los Angeles

Affiliate Marketing with WordPress – Los Angeles Make money with your blog while you sleep. Master the Science of Affiliate Marketing. Dates: Sept. 24- Oct. 3, 2020. Other dates by appointment only. Location: Koreatown, Los Angeles ( Caffee Benne or Koffea ) Workshop Fee: $ 250.00 Professional bloggers who have a lot of useful content and … Read more

Boston WordPress Training

WordPress Crash Course in Boston for beginners. There is a better web builder than Squarespace or Wix. WordPress is the best. 74 Million Plus WordPress sites are out there in the world. We are talking about 30 % of all websites. Sign up for my WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners in Boston. Dates available : Oct. … Read more

E-Commerce Training for Beginners in Los Angeles

This is a great beginners’ workshop for entrepreneurs and startups. Got products to sell online. Want more control on your products and commission as compared to E-Bay and Amazon. Woo-commerce is an easier  alternative compared to Shopify and Magento. I will explain the difference between all the E-commerce software out in the market today. Make money with an E-commerce site using WordPress. E‑commerce is expected to grow to 17% of US retail sales by 2022. Be part of the E-commerce Success Story.

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San Clemente E-Commerce Crash Course

Looking for an alternative to Magento,Squarespace , or Shopify ? Then why not give Woo-Commerce Plugin with WordPress a shot.  Magento is a very complex E-commerce platform with a lot of customizations. It’s very efficient for managing an E-commerce site with hundreds if not thousands of products. There is a steep learning curve for learning … Read more

WordPress Training in Washington D.C.

WordPress for Small Business & Startups Are you one of those business owners who recently had a brand new website built using WordPress ? And you are left to figure out how to update or maintain the site ? Did your web developer abandon you with no training at all ? Or are you one … Read more

WordPress Basics for Beginners in Philadelpia

WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners – Great class for bloggers, small business, and non-profits I will be back visting  Center City teaching WordPress basics and Search Engine Optimization techniques for WordPress. For the absolute beginner you will learn how fast and easy you can build a blog or business website in One Day. For existing WordPress users with … Read more

Baltimore WordPress Workshop for Beginners

WordPress Basics & Advance Training in Baltimore Ask all the questions you want to want to know about how to build a dynamic, high traffic website using WordPress. I will be coming to Baltimore, Maryland to teach  WordPress, E-Commerce, & SEO Techniques. Workshop Dates:  January 5 – 16 ,2020 Workshops Fees: $ 250 – $ … Read more

Atlanta 2 Day WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners

Hello Atlanta WordPress fans and users, Come sign up for my 2-day WordPress Bootcamp and create a professional website from scratch. This WP bootcamp is also great for owners of existing websites that need updating. In 2 sessions I will show you  how to convert your bland looking website into a dynamic WordPress site that will … Read more

FAQs for new WP Students

Where do you teach WordPress ? I teach mainly in San Francisco, Los Angeles, & New York City but I also travel to San Diego, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Portland How much does it cost for training ? Workshops fees start at $ 225 per person and go up to $ … Read more

SEO Basics for Bloggers in Los Angeles

SEO Bootcamp for Bloggers

Increase traffic to your blog with SEO Tools

Rank ahead of the competition. I get asked this a lot. How do I get more traffic ? The answer to this is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).And content is king. It’s also important that you write for your audience and not just for Google search engine.People read blog on topics that are important to them. People are always looking for answers and this is why Quora,a question and answer site is very popular.Quora gets a 100 million visitors monthly.

The current trend in blogging these days are longer blog posts ( 1,500 + words ) which gets more social media attention. Be useful to your reader and optimize your blog posts.And spend more time in creating quality content. Now for the details on how to sign up for this SEO workshop for beginners:

Workshop Dates: February 12 – 20, 2019
Workshop Fee: $250 per person
Workshop Location: Koreatown, CafFe Benne, or Koffee ( lots of cheap parking )
Who else can use SEO training: This SEO basics training is useful for owners of business and E-commerce sites.

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Got a WordPress question ?

If you are new to WordPress this is a good place to get started. If you know a bit more about WordPress, you can still pop me a question. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why pick WordPress as your CMS ?

build your site with wordpress in one day

Why pick WordPress as your CMS ? 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress WordPress-Related Keywords Score 37 Million Searches Per Month 40 Translations of WordPress 22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress WordPress.com Gets More Unique Visitors Than Amazon (Us) WordPress.com Employs Only 229 People 29,000 WordPress Plugins and Growing Dailyhen start writing!

WordPress 2 Day Bootcamp – Outline

WordPress Bootcamp – Part 1 1) Domains & Hosting – Installing WordPress in your domains. 2) Understanding WordPress jargon – database, javascript, html , xml, shortcodes, widget, plugins.. 3) Anatomy of a WordPress site – header, content, sidebar, footer.. 4) Creating content with pages and posts. Organizing posts by categories. 5) WordPress Navigation Basics – … Read more

Workshop Fees

Workshop Fees & Info Workshop Fees and what topics are covered I have been ask many times by my students what WordPress class they should attend. So here is the list. 1) 5 Hour WordPress Crash Course – Great intro class for absolute beginners to WordPress who want to start a simple blog site. Cover … Read more

New Orleans E-commerce Workshop

I will be coming to New Orleans this spring to teach a 2-Day Ecommerce Basics Crash Course to beginners. This Ecommerce crash course is perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs who have a product to sell online, and owners of exciting E-commerce site. If you have tried Magento and Big Commerce and find the software too complicated … Read more