Why WordPress

WordPress is open source. That means it’s free. There are lot of free themes & plugins on WordPress.org. WordPress.com Gets More Unique Visitors Than Amazon (US) .That is a lot of traffic. 74.6 Million Sites uses WordPress. Around 50% of this figure (close to 37 million) is hosted on the free WordPress.com. WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update. You can easily launch a blog in one day

Why WordPress

Where do you teach ?

I teach WordPress all over the country. I commute regularly between Los Angeles and New York City. You can find me teaching workshops in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Albuquerque, etc

Build a website fast and easy with WordPress. “You can build any kind of website from scratch using WordPress. It can be a blog, a business site, an Online Store, or a Community Site. WordPress is easy to use & maintain. It’s powerful and flexible..”Over 75 Million sites uses WordPress.

Los Angeles One Day WordPress Crash Course – starts Sept.27
Come attend my Online Full Day or Half- Day WordPress crash course …
WordPress Crash Course in Brooklyn/Manhattan – Available online
There is a much better web builder than Squarespace or Wix. WordPress …
WordPress & SEO Techniques Workshop in San Jose for Beginners
This workshop is perfect for those who have an existing WordPress site …
San Francisco WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners
Create a travel or food blog, a business or Ecommerce website with WordPress …