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SEO Basics for Bloggers in Los Angeles

Rank ahead of the competition. I get asked this a lot. How do I get more traffic ? The answer to this is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Attend my Five Hour SEO Crash Course for beginners. This is one of my most popular workshops for owners of WordPress sites. I teach both one-on-one as well as to groups. This SEO workshop starts. Aug. 19

WordPress 2 Day Bootcamp – Outline

WordPress Bootcamp – Part 1 1) Domains & Hosting – Installing WordPress in your domains. 2) Understanding WordPress jargon – database, javascript, html , xml, shortcodes, widget, plugins.. 3) Anatomy of a WordPress site – header, content, sidebar, footer.. 4) Creating content with pages and posts. Organizing posts by categories. 5) WordPress Navigation Basics – […]

Workshop Fees

Workshop Fees & Info Workshop Fees and what topics are covered I have been ask many times by my students what WordPress class they should attend. So here is the list. 1) 5 Hour WordPress Crash Course – Great intro class for absolute beginners to WordPress who want to start a simple blog site. Cover […]