SEO Basics for Bloggers in Los Angeles

SEO Bootcamp for Bloggers

Increase traffic to your blog with SEO Tools

Rank ahead of the competition. I get asked this a lot. How do I get more traffic ? The answer to this is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).And content is king. It’s also important that you write for your audience and not just for Google search engine.People read blog on topics that are important to them. People are always looking for answers and this is why Quora,a question and answer site is very popular.Quora gets a 100 million visitors monthly.

The current trend in blogging these days are longer blog posts ( 1,500 + words ) which gets more social media attention. Be useful to your reader and optimize your blog posts.And spend more time in creating quality content. Now for the details on how to sign up for this SEO workshop for beginners:

Workshop Dates: February 12 – 20, 2019
Workshop Fee: $250 per person
Workshop Location: Koreatown, CafFe Benne, or Koffee ( lots of cheap parking )
Who else can use SEO training: This SEO basics training is useful for owners of business and E-commerce sites.

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Workshop Fees

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